Jewellery Care

Caring For Your With Love Beckie Pieces 

With Love Beckie Jewellery has been created to provided you with years of wear.  Your pieces are still delicate and should be handled with love and care 

All Sterling Silver pieces may tarnish or turn black when exposed to extreme temperatures, varying skin PH, perfumes, skin creams, hairspray, seawater, swimming pool water or other chemical exposures. I do not recommend bathing, showering, swimming or wearing your Jewellery during sporting activities

When not being worn I recommend you store your pieces away from direct sunlight and kept in your Jewellery box. When not worn for an extended period of time it may also tarnish. This is not a fault, and can be cleaned using a Sterling Silver dip solution and Silver cleaning cloth. (Please follow the instructions provided with the solution.)    

If you wish to return your Jewellery for a professional clean, please email for more details.